what are your pen settings ? uvu


my brush settings aren’t that fancy!! I usually don’t…pay conscious attention to them except for a few details, but here you go!

the fine flat brush is the one I use a large percentage of the time for both colouring and lining, I just adjust the textures as I go along. same with the fringe effect and blending! 

wow i cant wait to crush my enemies with you

I absolutely adore the NGE art you did, any chance you sell your work as prints???

omg first of all thank you so much!! with regards to prints, i would like to open an online store sometime but right now i’m swamped with work. once i do get one up and running i’ll definitely post a note on this blog \o/

Your art is beautiful I really like it! C:

thank you so much!! i’m really pleased to hear that omg _(:3/ L)_ i hope you continue to enjoy it…!!



Sally where is the next "page" button!! ??

ooPS idk my theme has been acting up SO i took this chance to update my blogs appearance a bit PLS LET ME KNOW IF ANY PROBLEMS POP UP!!! thank you for letting me know!!!

HORI-SENPAI??? ?? pls be my senpai


hi just a quick post bUT I’M BACK FROM MY FIRST TABLING EXPERIENCE (for a few hours now but im just writing this now uh) and it was so goddamn fun and I had such a great timE!!!!!!

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO STOPPED BY TO PURCHASE A PRINT OR CHARM OR LEFT A COMMENT IN MY NOTEBOOK ;-; i did sell out a print and some charms, and got very close for a few others, so i’m very happy both financially and emotionally!! for leftover inventory, i’m considering opening an online shop (please do let me know if people are interested?)

i posted most of my loot on twitter but for real i was so impressed by so many artists i just wanted to throw all my money at them. thank you to those who asked for print trades as well!!! everyone was so kind ESPECIALLY my table mate leonie who made my tabling experience such lovely time!!!

going to end this textpost here, again, thank you to those who did stop by my table!! im like more than ready to pass out GOOD B  Y e


Hi~~ it's one of the people that went to your table at the con. UWU

ahhHH THANK YOU FOR DROPPING BY…!! i was really nervous today bc first time tabling but it was lovely to see people being so kind and patient!!! also super fun talking to you all about stuff i love (。´▽`。)