days 17 to 20 of inktoberrrrrr

uni, texting the boyf

uni, texting the boyf

inktober days 13 to 16 - we’re halfway there, thanks for sticking with me so far!!!

inktober days 9 to 12

3 kids doing things ∠( ̄∂ ̄ 」∠ )_

days 5 to 8 of inktober!! stuck with a kinda theme for these days for some reason

4 days of inktober!! I’ve been posting them on my instagram ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

smile smile

smile smile

what are your pen settings ? uvu


my brush settings aren’t that fancy!! I usually don’t…pay conscious attention to them except for a few details, but here you go!

the fine flat brush is the one I use a large percentage of the time for both colouring and lining, I just adjust the textures as I go along. same with the fringe effect and blending! 

wow i cant wait to crush my enemies with you

I absolutely adore the NGE art you did, any chance you sell your work as prints???

omg first of all thank you so much!! with regards to prints, i would like to open an online store sometime but right now i’m swamped with work. once i do get one up and running i’ll definitely post a note on this blog \o/