HORI-SENPAI??? ?? pls be my senpai


hi just a quick post bUT I’M BACK FROM MY FIRST TABLING EXPERIENCE (for a few hours now but im just writing this now uh) and it was so goddamn fun and I had such a great timE!!!!!!

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO STOPPED BY TO PURCHASE A PRINT OR CHARM OR LEFT A COMMENT IN MY NOTEBOOK ;-; i did sell out a print and some charms, and got very close for a few others, so i’m very happy both financially and emotionally!! for leftover inventory, i’m considering opening an online shop (please do let me know if people are interested?)

i posted most of my loot on twitter but for real i was so impressed by so many artists i just wanted to throw all my money at them. thank you to those who asked for print trades as well!!! everyone was so kind ESPECIALLY my table mate leonie who made my tabling experience such lovely time!!!

going to end this textpost here, again, thank you to those who did stop by my table!! im like more than ready to pass out GOOD B  Y e


Hi~~ it's one of the people that went to your table at the con. UWU

ahhHH THANK YOU FOR DROPPING BY…!! i was really nervous today bc first time tabling but it was lovely to see people being so kind and patient!!! also super fun talking to you all about stuff i love (。´▽`。) 


I neglected to post these— yowapeda dango and haikyuu charms I’ll have for smash! made with shrink film (and love and care)


hi, phee here again

i’ll be at SMASH 2014 with my swimming anime prints and enough pieces of tiny merch to arm a battalion. I’m at table 34, sharing space with marrickan, who i only met recently but who also has loads of really cool stuff!! totally stop by and greet us!

i’ll have a few sets of eevee buttons as well in case you missed those last year, and lots of leftover prints in a bargain bin :)

map of the con

WOAH HEY REMINDER THat i’ll be tabling at SMASH, and with this cool cat as my table mate!! please stop by and say hi…!!

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Hey there! I really like your art and was wondering what you would be selling at smash!

I’ll be selling A3, A4, and A5 prints at smash! mostly my more recent entries on tumblr as well as a select few of my old stuff, and I’ll probably be last minute rushing some the week leading up to the con hAHAH

there’ll be some ~2 inch yowapeda dango and haikyuu charms I’ll have up on my table too. they’re shrink film so there’ll be little differences here and there but they more or less look like this:

hope to see you there…!!!

I absolutely love your art and your art style! I was wondering if you had an online shop?? (Because if you do I will literally but everything omg)

wowow i’m really flattered, thank you!! i don’t have an online shop but i am considering setting one up if i have any left over inventory after my con